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Whether you just purchased a new home or felt the need to sell your home, there are a number of improvements that you can complete that will add value and character to your home, the main ones being:

  • Painting your walls
  • The layout of your kitchen.
  • The layout of your living room
  • Washroom

Properly maintain your walls

If you want to make simple and inexpensive renovations, it is best often to start with your walls!

The latter often suffers from age-related damages. For this reason, it is always good to freshen them up. You can refurbish your dull looking walls by painting them or using wallpaper. It is important to think carefully about your choices of colors, so that your space remains luminous, as well as appear larger. For a most satisfactory result, we advise you to use appropriate colors, such as white, light grey or ivory and add bright touches of orange, yellow, pink or electric blue in your furniture to energize your living space. If however, you are satisfied with the colors of your walls, and just want them to be clean and bright, you can rinse them with a soapy solution to restore their former splendor! We advise that you do this once a year, as long as your paints are resistant to washing.

Renovate your kitchen

This is often the first thing we think about when we talk about renovations. For starters, it’s important to think about the qualities and the flaws of your kitchen in order to determine what is important to change. After you have completed this task, collect photos and brochures for inspiration. These pictures will serve as a starting point for your future renovations.

If your kitchen is small, do not forget to focus on smart storage, allowing you to optimize on space, because we all know how hectic a kitchen can become with all the different shapes and sizes of utensils!

It is vital to keep in mind that a well-appointed and functional kitchen can significantly increase the value of your property, and thus guarantee a return on investment almost assured!

Renovate your bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is also space that can also be subject to renovations. For instance, you might refurbish the pipes, change of paint or tapestry because of the humidity.  In the long run, it is important to keep a bathroom clean, airy and well furnished. However, this is often an expensive step; therefore, it is necessary to think carefully, in order to reconcile your personal desires as well as your material needs.

But this investment can often be decisive, because, like the kitchen, the bathroom bath is a space that strongly influences the purchase of a property, if it is well maintained.

Upgrade your living room

Your living room is first and foremost the centerpiece of your property. This is the main living space, and must thus be arranged in an intelligent way, skillfully combining comfort, aesthetics, and minimalism. For this, several renovations are possible:  you can replace your current flooring with a beautiful wooden one, as well as paint your walls and cabinets. You can also purchase intelligent storage and invest in large mirrors, to give illusion of more space.

Paint the outside of your house

We often forget that the external aspect of a property vital, especially if you want to sell your property quickly or in the near future. It is a good way to create continuity between your interior and the facade of your home! You can bring a touch of originality to your property through your outside, for example by painting your door with a bright color that contrasts with the rest of your home.

We hope that these tips help you with your renovation procedures. Do not forget to take the time to compare the different options available to you, as well as think about a budget that best suits your situation before you start!

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