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Finally finish your basement and make man cave, kid castle or movie theater

So you have made up your mind to finish your basement, and you are contemplating on hiring a  contractor or doing it yourself. Here are the  steps in designing and finishing your basement .


Design :

  1. Basement layout: specify walls,doors and  breakings in the framing, consider electrical outlet and switches,your plumbing needs for sink,shower,toilet

Get your hands dirty:

  1. Start by framing your walls to create the room
  2. Electrical is next step, finish your wiring and outlet before moving on to plumbing
  3. layout pipe and set-up sink and toilets first that make the remaining steps easy
  4. Time for installing insilation and  drywall in your basement
  5. Follow up with painting the walls
  6. If there is a need to install Doors and Trims , do it at this step
  7.  if your plan calls for flooring or carpeting?  after you have completed laying the floor down or carpet you are done

There are always renovation contractors to assist with the task.


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